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از آنرو که هییت مدیره های کنگره لزومی برای حفظ اطلاعات از سالی به سال دیگر نمی بینند، این صفحه بوجود آمده است تا که اطلاعات را ثبت نموده و تاریخچه ای برای کنگره بوجود آورد. در تصحیح اطلاعات ما را یاری کنید.

دوره دوم - 2009

Second AGM: December 6th, 2009
Location: Council Chambers, North York Civic Center, 5100 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON
First Board Meeting held on December 26th 2010 and officers have been chosen:
    Behnam Esfahanizadeh,       President
    Vaheed Jaberansari              (Elected by default)
    Mehrdad Khalili.                  (Elected by default)
    Sholeh Khalili,                      Vice President
    Alidad Mafinezam,               Secretary
    Ali Kajbaf                              Appointed by the BOD (Kaveh Nami) 
    Ehsan Mirdamadi               
    Niaz Salimi,                           Treasurer (Elected by default)     
    Mohammad Tajdolati
Short Bio:

Mr. Behnam Esfahanizadeh graduated in 1989 with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Ferdowsi University in Mashhad, Iran. He ran a successful IT consulting firm in Iran for several years, and moved to Toronto in 1997.

Since 2001, Behnam has worked as the founder and lead director at Caspian Information Systems, with offices in downtown Toronto. The company has dozens of clients in the legal, financial, and non-profit sectors.

Behnam is a board member and founder of the Toronto Iranians Community Group since 2005, Iranian Fire Festival Committee ( since 2006), Bam-Iran Earthquake Relief Committee (since 2004), and a board member the Iranian Canadian Congress (since 2008).

Behnam has worked as a volunteer for many organizations since 2001 and has been awarded for his 5 years of contribution by Ontario's Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

Behnam was one of the volunteers who worked on behalf of Toronto Iranians with Red Cross Canada in 2004 to raise funds for the victims of the Tsunami in Asia . Behnam was one of the organizers of the One People Concert held on Nov 2005 (Katrina Relief Concert) which was a cultural event involving different communities.

Behnam was one of the organizers of the first Nowrouz party (Iranian New Year) at Queens Park on March 22, 2007 and has worked very closely with Ontario's Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to have more than 300 Iranian stakeholders and MPP’s for the Nowrouz celebration which was recognized as “Nowrooz” in 2008.

Behnam Esfahanizadeh

Shole Khalili

I have been living in Canada for 17 years.I have a degree in Sociology and holding anEarly Childhood Education Diploma. Prior to coming to Canada I worked for "Kanooneh Parvaresh Fekrie Koodakan va Nodjavanan"in Iran for 17 years. I worked withYMCA for more than 14 years. I am a child care director. I am interested in politics and I follow the news and various political developments around the world.

I believe we, as Iranian Canadian Community living in Canada, are entitled to have morevoice and opportunity to grow and become a strong community who can influence theprocess of decision making across the Canada and it can not happen if we are not united and we can not be united if we do not believe" the similarities that unite us are muchgreater than the differences that separate us."

I used to work with " Peykeh Rooz" and I had weekly column on that paper. I have co hosted several fundraising for Mahak and Karnameh.


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