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از آنرو که هییت مدیره های کنگره لزومی برای حفظ اطلاعات از سالی به سال دیگر نمی بینند، این صفحه بوجود آمده است تا که اطلاعات را ثبت نموده و تاریخچه ای برای کنگره بوجود آورد. در تصحیح اطلاعات ما را یاری کنید.


Canadian Policy Towards Iran: Prospects and Challenges-January 22 2012

The board of directors of the Iranian Canadian Congress would like to thank all the attendees, community leaders and members for their enthusiastic participation in the panel that ICC organized on the issue of “Canada's foreign policy toward Iran and its impact on Iranian-Canadians, as part of the Canadian society”, on January 22.

More than two hundred attended this event, filling the Council Chambers at North York Civic Center, and engaged in a substantive - and sometimes heated -debate on Canada's foreign policy towards Iran and it’s concerning policies regarding sanctions and also its impacts on everyday life of Iranian Canadians, living in Canada.

The speakers and panelists, either volunteered or invited, were in fact some of the most respected scholars of the growing Iranian-Canadian community with impressive academic background.

* Professor Houchang Hassan-Yari (Royal Military College)

* Professor Ramin Jahanbegloo (University of Toronto)

* Ali Ehsassi (Lawyer and former Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade official)

* David Mousavi, J.D., MBA, Lawyer, Borden, Ladner, Gervais

* Mr. Kaveh Shahrooz (Lawyer and former Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade official)


  Moderated by: Mr. Alidad Mafinezam (Board member of the Iranian Canadian Congress & President of the West Asia Council)


While ICC welcomes the participation of all at its public events, it must be stressed that the focus of ICC, as a non-political and non-partisan organization, is the promotion of collective empowerment, and the general advancement of the Iranian-Canadian community.  

All statements made by speakers at ICC's events represent their own opinion and they do not necessarily represent the opinions of neither the ICC board of directors’ members nor the organization members.

Urgent release, January 17th 2012

The Iranian-Canadian Congress is pleased to present a panel on the effects of Canada's expanded economic sanctions on Iran. The panel will focus on the current impact of these policies on the Iranian-Canadian community: students, retirees, business people, and newly-arrived immigrants. We will also discuss the current efforts that are underway to bring these pressing issues to the attention of our government in Ottawa. 

Title: "Canadian Policy Towards Iran: Prospects and Challenges"

Time: Sunday January 22, 2012. 3:00-5:00 pm

Place: North York Civic Centre, Committee Room 3, 5100 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON 


* Professor Houchang Hassan-Yari (Royal Military College)

* Professor Ramin Jahanbegloo (University of Toronto)

* Ali Ehsassi (Lawyer and former Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade official)

* David Mousavi, J.D., MBA, Lawyer, Borden, Ladner, Gervais

* Mr. Kaveh Shahrooz (Lawyer and former Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade official)


  Moderated by: Mr. Alidad Mafinezam (Board member of the Iranian Canadian Congress & President of the West Asia Council)

Media invited:

Al Jazeera English, Toronto Star, Salam Toronto, Shahrvand, ITC TV, Ten TV, Iran Star

Welcome to the official site of Iranian Canadian Congress

ICC Issues Statement Regarding Closure of the Visa Office in Tehran

The Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC) is aware of the closure of the Government of Canada's visa office in Tehran. The ICC is consulting with immigration experts, community members and the government to better understand the ramifications of this closure. We firmly believe that decisions by the Canadian government that affect Iranian-Canadians and their families should be taken only after proper consultation with the Iranian-Canadian community. We further believe that decisions by the Government of Canada should not impose undue burdens upon Iranians who wish to visit their families or immigrate to Canada. The ICC will continue to monitor and study the issue and will take action as appropriate. We commit to keeping the Iranian-Canadian community apprised of any developments.

ICC Participates in Roundtable with Minister of Immigration; Provides Him with a Letter of Concerns

Round table with The Honourable Jason Kenney, P.C. , M.P.
Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism
Presents from the "Iranian Canadian Congress": Ms. Niaz Salimi, Mr. Behnam Esfahanizadeh, Ms. Sholeh Khalili, Dr. Alidad Mafinezam, Mr.Mehrdad Khalili
Letter handed to the Minister Kenny; Closure of Damascus Visa Post: The closure of the Damascus visa office has made Ankara Visa post responsible for immigrant applications from Iran. This change has highly increased the work load of this visa office, considering the high volume of applications from Iran. In addition, the Ankara Visa post is also responsible for the applications from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan. It is highly recommended that the manpower in this visa post be increased accordingly to expand the capacity of this office. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW) files: Regarding the fact that the files of Iranian applicants are being processed in Warsaw Visa office, there are several problems mainly as the following: - The CIC system is usually not updated, sometimes for more than 2 years, and the Warsaw visa office majorly uses email for communicating with the applicant about the waivers/ or invitations for interview. In many cases these emails are not followed by a hard copy of the same message mailed to the applicant (or his representative), Therefore, in case that, for any reason, the e-mails end up in the spam folder or not received by the recipient the file would be terminated without further notice to the applicant . Considering the fact that the web based e-mail addresses such as GMAIL, YAHOO, HOTMAIL etc. frequently being disconnected in Iran, we highly recommend that CIC instruct the officers to back-up their emails by mailing a hard copy to the applicant (The same practice as Quebec MICC). - Another recommendation which can easily be implicated is that the officers put a copy of all such letters in the account of the applicant which can be accessible by the Applicant/Representative through login passwords (or the existing mechanism on . Implementing this practice, anytime a letter is issued by the officer, a copy will be held in the applicant’s electronic file and the applicant only receives a notification from the visa office stating that there is a mail awaiting review. Subsequently, he/she can login to CIC website and pickup the letter. In case that the applicant misses this notification the system could send another notification, approximately, after 3-4 days. This is a very secure, cost effective and simple way very similar to the same practice that banks or investment brokerages have in place for active and secure communication with their clients. Additionally, the applicant can periodically check his/her file through CIC website without impacting the limited time of the staff. - The other issue in regards to FSW files is that while many files received in response to the “Ministerial Instructions” list of 29 occupations for 2010 and 2011 are being processed, those who filed in response to 38 occupations categorized in the “Ministerial Instruction” 2009 are still in the waiting list. There is an obvious need to expedited action at least for some 18 occupations which are exactly the same in all above-mentioned lists. Federal Investor Cases: According to the information we received about the Iranian Federal Investor applications, no progress on the old filed happened since January 2010. The latest contacts of Damascus Visa post addressed those who applied prior to October 2007. Therefore, the process has to be resumed for all Iranian applicants who filed through Federal Investor Class after October 2007 since no interview was arranged and no waiver was issued. It is also observed that even for those applicants filed according to the new tier after December 2010 nothing was done so far in Damascus. That is in spite of the CIC announcement which promised to process the file on base of 2 from old files versus 1 from new files. Tehran Visa Office: In spite of the fact that the situation in Tehran Visa office has notably improved within the past 3 years but recently we receive disappointing reports specifically in regards to the parents who apply for visiting visas and applicants for student visa. We highly recommend that the officers in Tehran be instructed to deal with these time sensitive cases on a priority base. Any delay in processing of the student applications causes expiry of the acceptance letters issued by Canadian universities/Colleges and as result many qualified students face rejection. In absence of international courier services, FEDEX, UPS, DHL, etc. having such documents updated is a very difficult task, baring many Iranian students from studying in Canada. The other issue is in regards to the issuance of Super Visa for parents/ grandparents. It must be

taken to consideration that the maximum validity of the Iranian passports is 5 years (not 10 years such as many other countries). Therefore, any measure that permits the transfer of validity of a super visa to the next passport would be greatly helpful and also decreases the work load on Tehran Visa office. Federal Process for PNP and Quebec Applications: The current processing time for those applications which already got CSQ or Nominee Certificate is now exceeding 2 years. This is too long specially considering the fact that those who already granted these certificates has been in process for almost another 2 years and many of them has made their pledged investment to receive the certificate. The chaotic situation in Syria has made this even worse. It would be more cost and time efficient if this process could partially, or totally, be handled inside Canada rather than Visa Offices which might be facing the shortage of personnel. However, we understand that some background checks might be done locally in each region. PNP Applications: While Quebec and some provinces such as Manitoba, PEI, still processing new applications from Iranians and just notify the applicant about the restrictions imposed by SEMA and its amendment on Nov. 21, 2011, some others such as New Brunswick denies accepting new files from applicants residing in Iran. Evaluation of Asset for Business Applicants: Considering drastic changes in the exchange rate of Iranian Currency within the past months (devalued to half), many files which has been in line for the past 3-4 years might not qualify anymore. Regarding the fact that such a drastic change in exchange rates makes the market value of the real estate and other assets of the applicants also increased (but not necessarily with the same rate and pace), it might be a fair practice to instruct the officers to make their evaluation of the assets on the date of receiving the file. Banking Transactions: Regarding the fact that almost all the Iranian Banks and major financial institutions are sanctioned by SEMA or U.N. Security Council, we suggest that the Canadian Federal government appoints a Canadian bank as the sole facilitator to handle the financial transfer for those applicants who has investment commitments with the Provincial or Federal government(s). This may also facilitate the transfer of fund for families supporting their student children or pensioners residing in Canada in receiving their monthly pension income. This gradually decrease the burden on Canadian welfare fund while increasing the control of the government and law enforcement institutions on tracking fund transfers and dealing with the money laundry. General Recommendations: -The CIC website should be updated more frequently and giving more details of the actual status of the files. Showing “In Process” does not give any detail about the actual status of the file. This make the applicants frustrated and therefore make them to contact the Visa Posts more often which make the load on officers even higher and consequently resulting in more delays. - We at ICC (Iranian Canadian Congress) would be pleased to provide consultancy with CIC or other bodies in the Ministry to assist them with the Iranian community points of view and concerns in a proactive fashion. The Alarming Situation of Iranian Refugees: As the Canadian government is exploring effective means of pressure to force the Islamic regime to comply with the international laws and above all recognize the civil rights of its citizens it is crucial to remember the role and situation of the Iranian refugees. In our battle to achieve this goal the situation of those who are fighting at this front, alongside us, and are the first target of the violent and brutal treatments of the Iranian regime should be considered first. Though, Canada was the most desirable destination for its values, and support of the vulnerable in the past, it is no more any longer. While many still believe that Canada is still the same peace loving and democratic society that can offer shelter to those who lost their roof for the same belief, the long process of the acceptance makes is unbearable for those refugee claimants. Considering the hard fact that sometimes, after the status have been granted by UNHCR, they have to wait for another year or so just to be called for the first interview makes the picture more clear. These individuals, mostly in Turkey, do not have the financial means to support themselves and in many cases the environment is not safe for them. Ultimately the erosion of all hope and dignity through this process turns them into a hopeless and depressed individual that is extremely opposite of who they were.  While the intention of our government is not only to respect its legal obligations but also maintain its humanitarian reputation, this process should be reviewed and made more effective and time sensitive.


September 15th 2011
Provincial Elections Candidates Debate

اطلاعیه کنگره ایرانیان کانادا

It is with pleasure to hereby cordially invite you to attend in the 2011 Provincial Election Candidates Debate organized by the Iranian Canadian Congress on Thursday September 15th, 2011 from 6 PM.– 9 PM. taking place at 5100 Yonge Street in the Council Chambers at North York Civic Centre.

Board of directors



کنگره ایرانیان کانادا برگزار می‌کند

مناظره و گفتگو با کاندیداهای انتخابات انتاریو

شرکت در انتخابات یک حق و وظیفه شهروندی است


همانگونه که همگان اطلاع دارند انتخابات پارلمان انتاریو در روز  6 اکتبر 2011 برگزار می‌شود.کنگره ایرانیان کانادا (بخش انتاریو) در راستای اهداف اساسنامه‌ای خود در جهت تشویق شهروندان کانادایی ایرانی تبار به شرکت در انتخابات و آشنایی بیشتر رای دهندگان با کاندیداها و برنامه‌های احزاب سیاسی یک جلسه مناظره و گفت‌و‌گو با کاندیداهای انتخابات مناطق ایرانی نشین برگزار می‌کند.

این جلسه در تاریخ پنجشنبه 15 سپتامبر از ساعت 6 تا 9 شب در سالن اجتماعات سیویک سنتر نورت یورک در شماره 5100 خیابان یانگ برگزار می‌شود. از شما دعوت می‌شود در این برنامه شرکت کنید و پرسش‌های خود را با کاندیداهای مورد نظرتان مطرح کنید.


August 27 2011- Democratic Engagement Program Print

 Democratic Engagement Program


Would you like to volunteer in the October provincial election? The Iranian Canadian Congress is proud to announce its Democratic Engagement Program, a 1 - day workshop that will provide you with a basic understanding of Canada's political process and how you can get involved this October as an effective volunteer.

You will learn how to:

  • Volunteer with a purpose
  • Understand the key elements of an election campaign
  • Identify supporters and get out the vote

 Ideal Program participants want to be involved in the political process and are committed to supporting the Iranian Canadian community achieve greater civic leadership.

Please RSVP to  by August 22 as spots are limited. (Or Phone # 416-840-3222)

When: Saturday August 27th 2011, 11AM – 3PM

Where: 5100 Yonge St, North York, Civic center, Committee Room # 3

Also ICC organized the all Candidate Debates for Provincial Election, you are invited to participate to this event and talk to your candidate.

When: Thursday September15th 2011, 6PM- 9PM

Where: 5100 Yonge St, North York, Civic center, Council Chambers



Meet with the federal election candidates

In anticipation of the October 14th Federal Election

Iranian Canadian Congress is pleased to present:


Date: Sunday October 12th, 2008
Time: 3-6 pm
Place: North York Civic Centre/Council Chambers
5100 Yonge Street, North York

Featuring candidates from Conservative, Green, Liberal, and NDP parties including:

· Martha Hall Findlay, MP, Willowdale
· Susan Kadis, MP, Thornhill
· Bryon Wilfert, MP, Richmond Hill
· Jake Karns (Conservative Candidate, Willowdale)
· Peter Kent (Conservative Candidate, Thornhill)
· Chungsen Leung (Conservative Candidate, Richmond Hill)

And numerous others from Green and NDP parties


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